Sandwich Panel--EPS Fiber Cement Composite Wall Panel

IntrodutionThaibeck  light weight compound sandwich panel is a kind of light weight energy saving compound board,takingfiber reinforced calcium silicate board or cement calcium silicon board as surface panel,with cement, EPS,fly ash as fillers and compounded at one time.The product can replace construciton materials like re

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Thaibeck  light weight compound sandwich panel is a kind of light weight energy saving compound board,takingfiber reinforced calcium silicate board or cement calcium silicon board as surface panel,with cement, EPS,fly ash as fillers and compounded at one time.The product can replace construciton materials like red brick, clay solid brick, air brick, color-coated steel sandwich board, gypsum block; wire spatial grid structure perlite board,perlite porous board etc. It can be widelyapplied to various high and low buildings such as: bank,office building,hospital, school,hotel, shopping mall,amusement hall,portable dwellings,old house reconstruction,family house and workshop.
Sandwich Board--EPS Fiber Cement Composite Wall Panel

Product Characteristic

1)Environmental protection

Green environmental building materials, which certificated by State Environment Protection Administration. 100% no harmful substances to the people, no radioactive A products, which meets the standard of State GB6566-2001 without any restrictions of applecation range.

2)Enlarge using area

Enlarge using area, generally uses 75mm wall board. Less than 85mm thickness comparing with 160mm brick wall facing's.

Using our board, each extending 11.8m length can be added 1m using areas and the utilization rate can be also increased 8.5%.

3)Moistureproof and waterproof

Experiments prove that without any waterproof facing, our sandwich panel can be bonding by cement as a pool and filled with water, and the back of the wall can keep dry and leave nothing traces, and it can't produce condensate water beads in the moist weather. Also,the board is a specialized waterproof and fireproof panel with good waterproof and moistureproof performances,applicable to moist areas such as kitchen, toilet,basement etc.

4)Easy and Civlized Construction

Civilized, simple and fast, construction. Sandwich panel system is a completely dry project and construction. The wall can be cut arbitarily to adjust the width and length.Laconic construction and transportation, healthy stacking. No plastering,cut down the construction period enormously , and reduce the material wastage rate and reduce building garbages.

5)Hang nail

Can be directly put nails on it or hanging heavy things with expansion bolt, such as air condition. Single-point hanging force reaches 45kg above,which solves the weakness of hanging heavy things on the hollow bricks and cavity wall board. Also the surface of the wall board is straight and smooth without producing dust. It can be directly pasted ceramic tile,wall paper wooden-decoration board,marble,aluminum plastic board and other material.


Can reach 4h above under the high temperature of 1000C. It can't send out poisonous gases but more guarantee for your security. Fireproofing can be reached the standard of Nation Class A1.

7)Good entirety

Due to the fabricated construction and three-in-one structure itself, the boards can be joggled as a whole with each other. So its shockproof performance is 7.5 times of the general masonry. Anchor by using steel structure. The wall is high-strength, it can be high layer and large span of partition,Our sandwich proof performance is more 10 times than the general masonry, our sandwich panel system has compact structure,good integrity,not easy looseness, good quake-proof and no cracking. Soves the weakness of cracking and soaking on the sand-lime brick and cavity wall board.


Good soundproof, the fibe cement board,which is on the surface and its interior materials have good soundproof function. The board of 100mm thickness has 50dB sound insulation volume, its sound insulation effect exceeds enormously the requirement of national residences and is higher than the effect of other general masonry.

9)Heat Insulation and thermal insulation

Our panel is made up by portland cement, high purity quartz powde, inorganic fiber and plant fiber after high temperature and high pressure maintenance, which makes it good heat insulation and thermal insulation function and offers your indoor environment more comfortable, andsave electricity from air condition.Our sandwich panel has ability to automatically adjust the water content of indoor air, makes humidity constant, eaches the effect of ecological regulation, and meet the developing trend of modern residential building.

10)Light weight and Economic

Light texture, arbitrary interval, 75mm thickness of our sandwich panel is 1/6 weight equivalent to 120mm thickness of general masonry, so it cuts down the structural cost. According to many aspects such as enlarging using areas, civilized construction, simple and fast, cutting down the structural cost, its construction cost is very cheap. As for each extending 11.8m can be added 1m using areas,

11) High Effect and Short Construction Period

Due to fabricated construction, average one skilled worker can shio more than 36m in one day. Also, double faces of our sandwich panel are smooth without wiping mortar, its effciency improves more 15 times than general masonry. Only require accurate stayguy, it can be installed no matter how big or small the project is. After installation, it can be decorated, and continued to constructing without wiping mortar or waiting for the mortar reaching the requirement of strength. Also, it is very convenient and fast, within 3m height can be constructed without scaffold.

It is applicable for Interior partition(50mm, 75mm, 100, 125mm) and Exterior Wall (125mm, 150mm), which aims at the modern high-rise building, the indoor space of ecological residences and all kinds of houses and structures, etc.
Sandwich Board--EPS Fiber Cement Composite Wall Panel
Sandwich Board--EPS Fiber Cement Composite Wall Panel

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1. Payment: T/T or L/C at sight 
2 .Lead time: 25-30 Working days;
3. Shipping freight is quoted under your requests. 
4. Shipping port: Foshan (Jiujiang or Gaoming ) port, Mainland China. 
5. Discount: based on the order quantity.

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 Specification of Thaibeck sandwich board

Sandwich Board--EPS Fiber Cement Composite Wall Panel

Technical Specification of Thaibeck Sandwich Board
StandardThicknessLengthWidthReference weightTolerance
50 Series50mm2440mm610mm40kg/m2Length:±5mm    
Width:±2mm                          Thickness:±1mm   
Flatness: ±2mm
75 Series75mm2440mm                           3000mm60kg/m2
100 Series100mm78kg/m2
125 Series125mm90kg/m2
150 Series150mm105kg/m2
 Dry Shrinkage mm/m0.350.350.360.350.36
Sound Insulation dB≥52≥50≥46≥43/
Anti-impactTimes of no
 through cracking
Destroy LoadingThe multiple of the board's self-weight (loading)3.53.544.54.2
Compressive StrengthMpa3.
Hanging StrengthN1000100010001000800
Fire RatingH≥3≥3≥3≥21
Heat Transfer Coefficient W/(m 2 @K)1.451.251.25--
Moisture Content%1010101010
In-Combustibility GB8624-2006 Grade A1 
Resistance to HalideMoistureproof & Halide Resist
Gas proof and anti-mothInorganic substances have insect-resistant, gas proof and anti-moth performance

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