Sandwich panels with different core materials (ZL-SP)

Sandwich Panel with Different Core Materials EPS Sandwich Panel PU Sandwich PanelPU Sandwich Panel Ceiling Design Commodity: Sandwich panel Core 1: EPS/Polystyrene, Density 8-20kgs/m3Core 2: PU/Polyurethane, Density 38-42kgs/m3 Thickness: 30,40,50,75,100,125

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Sandwich Panel with Different Core Materials
EPS Sandwich Panel PU Sandwich Panel
PU Sandwich Panel Ceiling Design
Commodity: Sandwich panel
Core 1: EPS/Polystyrene, Density 8-20kgs/m3
Core 2: PU/Polyurethane, Density 38-42kgs/m3
Thickness: 30,40,50,75,100,125,150,200,250mm
Overall width: 980mm or 1180mm
Cover width: 950mm or 1150mm
Length:up to 12Meters long
Exterior Facing skin: 0.3mm - 0.8mm TCT colourbond steel/ Galvanized/ Aluzinc
Interior Facing Skin : 0.3mm - 0.8mm TCT colourbond steel/ Galvanized/ Aluzinc
Exterior facing colour: White grey( off-White), Ocean blue or other color
Interior Facing color: White grey( off-White), Ocean blue, or other color
Skin finishing: Plain flat, Ribbed
Surface protection: PVC film 50microns
Sandwich panel is versatile and high performing insulated wall and ceiling panel used in controlled environments such as cold storage,food preparation areas and clean rooms but extends its use to transportable offices, wall partitions and many other applications.

Insulated Fireproof Rock Wool Sandwich Panel 
rockwool sandwich panel / panel sandwich / roof sandwich panel

The Characteristics of our Rock Wool sandwich panels 
· Light weight
· Excellent sound insulation and heat insulation
· Easy installation
· Fireproof and water proof
· Long life:10-15years
· Beautiful appearance
The Specification of our Rock Wool Color Steel Sandwich Panels

Effective Width1150MM/950MM
LengthCan be customized
MaterialsRock Wool, Color steel sheet
StructureUpper and lower layer: Color steel sheetMiddle: Rock Wool
Density of Rock Wool80-300KG/M3
Thickness of color steel sheet0.3-0.8MM
Thickness of Rock Wool50-250MM
ColorsBlue, white or according to your requirements

It is widely used in factory buildings, cleaning workshops, office buidings, the partition of the room, villas, stadiums etc.

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